Join IAMOhio

IAMOhio is the trusted identity program for Ohio higher education and other public-serving institutions. See our Members page for a current listing of IAMOhio member institutions.

Why Join IAMOhio?

Participants in the IAMOhio Identity and Access Management program will benefit from a standardized approach to trusted identity, with a unified set of requirements, policies, and vendor agreements serving Ohio institutions. IAMOhio also helps institutions operationalize identity management and single-sign on for web applications and wireless access with specialized tools, expert resources, and interactive workshops.

Benefits of Membership

The IAMOhio Identity and Access Management Federation program from OARnet provides:

  • Facilitation of trusted identity and federation projects and activities including IAM-related workshops

  • Development of standards & practices for authentication, authorization, and assurance realted to IAM

  • State-wide purchasing clout and standard contract/RFP/RFQ terms related to IAM

  • Vetting of and representation of State-wide requirements to identity management vendors and partners

IAMOhio Participants receive:

  1. Use of approved participant contracts (additional fees may be applicable)

    1. Standard Incommon Federation agreement providing access to InCommon

    2. Standard eduroam agreement providing worldwide secure roaming wireless for faculty, staff, and students

  2. Consulting and services supporting IAM

    1. Access to expert, dedicated IAM engineering staff at no additional charge

    2. Assistance with onboarding into InCommon and eduroam

    3. "IAM-in-a-box" pre-packaged VM-based IDP installer supporting SAML/InCommon and RADIUS/eduroam. Easy self-install, or optional on-site installation is available at no additional charge.

    4. Access to OARnet & community-developed best practices, standards, policies, schema

    5. Vetting of IAM architectures, vendors & consultants

  3. Support research & development of Federation Value Proposition:

    1. National connections to federal agencies (NSF, NIH,

    2. Regional and State connections within Ohio (OARnet, Ohio Supercomputer CenterOH-TECH Shared Services, OhioLINK, Ohio Department of Higher Education, roaming wireless)

    3. Enhancing the classroom and online teaching

    4. Improving IT automation and efficiency

How do I Join IAMOhio?

Simply contact your OARnet member services representative. Contact information is available at  Annual program fees support program activities and are based on annual FTE for OARnet members.

FTEs Annual Cost
0 – 4,999 $1,000
5,000-9,999 $2,000
10,000-14,999 $5,000
15,000-above $10,000