OH-TECH: InCommon Research & Scholarship Entity


OH-TECH has been certified as an InCommon “Research and Scholarship” entity. This is a small subset of InCommon members who have been reviewed and certified by InCommon as providing collaborative services that enhance research and scholarship for the national community.


InCommon has a subcategory of members denoted as “Research and Scholarship” (R&S) entities. These members offer a service that enhances the research and scholarship activities of some subset of the InCommon community. Participants agree to provide collaborative services for researchers and scholars via their federated identities by reducing the policy interpretation, inter-institutional agreements, and system configuration needed for those services.


The three traditional dimensions of the academic endeavor are: research and scholarship, instruction, and service. Candidates for the R&S Category are Service Providers that support research and scholarship as an essential component. For example, a service providing tools for both multi-institutional research collaboration and instruction is eligible as a candidate for the R&S Category. 


The list of institutions offering Research and Scholarship services through InCommon:

1.      OSU’s CarmenWiki

2.      Internet2’s FileSender and Collaboration Wiki

3.      Penn State’s WikiSpace

4.      Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

5.      Illinois’ CILogon (facilitates secure access to CyberInfrastructure)

6.      University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for Gravitation, Cosmology, and Astrophysics Wiki

7.      GENI Experimenter Portal

8.      LIGO CBC Wiki r the LIGO/Virgo Compact Binary Coalescence Data Analysis Working Group

9.      OH-TECH’s Narada Metrics Network measuring, monitoring, and analysis tool


For additional information, see https://spaces.internet2.edu/display/InCCollaborate/Research+and+Scholarship+Category