IAMOhio Federated Identity and Authentication Workshop

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 - 16:00

BALE Conference suite,
OARnet, 1224 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212,


12:00 pm              Networking lunch with OARtech and OhioLINK members

1:00 pm                Federated identity and Authentication Workshop

4:00 pm                Conclusion

Who should attend:       Library Directors, Library Lead Technical Implementers, CIOs, and Identity Management/Authentication/Security implementers at OARnet/OhioLINK member higher ed institutions.

Description:       The growing risks of Internet password management - combined with the growing demands for "access anywhere" - mean that legacy access and authentication methods have become dangerously obsolete. OH-TECH consortia members OARnet and OhioLINK have jointly sponsored a program to enable all OhioLINK members to adopt more secure, modern authentication based on SAML. SAML is the Security Assertion Markup Language standard which has been adopted by the higher education, research, and US government communities, and supported by common software platforms like Shibboleth and Microsoft ADFS. This workshop will serve as a kick-off of this program and get attending institutions started on the path to transition to this more flexible and secure authentication framework with OH-TECH's assistance.

What you will learn:

-          How SAML-based Federated Identity and Authentication works

-          Benefits of Federated Identity and Authentication for campus IT, Library staff, and patrons

-          Why the time to implement is now

-          Recommended implementation choices

-          How OH-TECH can help

To request an invitation, contact us now


Meeting presentations and materials can be found at https://www.iamohio.net/content/meeting_minutes_and_materials#1014